Most frequent questions and answers

Schloss OÜ is a web design company located at Tallinn (Capital in Estonia). Company Owner is Ms Karin Schloß (languages: German and English).

She is German and is living in Germany. Ms Karin Schloss is an e-Resident of Estonia.

The prices quoted on the website are plus VAT of 20% (VAT in Estonia). The accepted currency is Euro.

Schloss OÜ is a professional contact for a lot of kinds of website projects (even e-commerce projects).
Ms Schloß has been working successful as a web designer (Freelance) since 1996. The customers are international. Schloss OÜ also designs print media, logos, catalogs, flyers, business cards, fan pages (Facebook), advertising banners and much more. Schloss OÜ advises you on search engine optimization, Google Adwords and more.

On request we will gladly show you our references.

The price of a website is determined by many factors.

Some of them are: The size of the website, the functions of the website (forms, e-commerce, …), how is the data delivered? Do the delivered data still need to be processed?

For orientation: a simple website with about 5 to 10 subpages plus professional contact form costs between 1000 and 2000 euros at Schloss OÜ.

A CMS (Content Management System) is a computer application or set of similar programs that can be used to create or, as the name suggests, manage digital content. This is done by adding, editing, or deleting content that is to be published on a website.

A cms makes you independant from your webdesigner, because you will be able to manage content of your website alone (after a training). Schloss OÜ is specialized for CMS joomla and wordpress.

Which is the better CMS for you depends on what you want to do with it. If you would like to publish many news, I would recommend WordPress. If you want to map complex processes in your company, I would advise you to Joomla. But with both systems you can realize a very professional online shop. In an individual interview, I ask you about your web project. When I have collected all the information, you will receive a recommendation as to which CMS is suitable for you. If you want to be independant from your webdesigner i would also recommend wordpress, because handling is much easier to learn.

Follow-Up-Costs for joomla are higher than for wordpress, because owner of a joomla-website is not always able to do updates on his own.

First, you must make sure that your website complies with web standards. This is the prerequisite for your website to be found by the search engines. In technical terms this is called: on-page optimization.

Then you have to think about how to network the site on the internet (Offpage optimization). You can do that by advertising on the Internet (for example, Google Adwords). You can also create a Facebook page associated with your website.

It is very important that your website contains meaningful text.

There are more than 200 factors to consider in search engine optimization. I would like to advise you on this topic.

The training is usually done online. One hour (60 minutes) online training costs € 80, -.

Yes, there are sometimes follow-up costs. A CMS is a software that needs to be updated technically. Follow-up costs may be incurred for these updates.